One Simple Instruction Could End ObamaCare

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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On Wednesday, Erick Erickson of the Resurgent  reminded some of us and revealed for the first time to the rest, a way that President Trump could single-handedly end ObamaCare.

And what did Mr. Erickson reveal? Well, it was a pay-off to Members of both Houses and their staffs. One of which few knew or reported.

You may recall, after ObamaCare passed, many “connected” crony corporatists and Unions received waivers, effectively exempting them from the onerous bill the rest of were being forced to live with. They all knew how bad it was from the start. We all read reports of well over 1,000 waivers handed out.

Still, The Hill wrote in 2015 that, “according to Section 1512 of the law [ObamaCare], legislators and staff ‘lose the employer contribution’ that covers most of the cost of coverage. The amendment passed by Congress specifically requires that Members and their staff give up their generous Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan (FEHB) health benefits and, instead, purchase their health insurance through ObamaCare exchanges. In essence, Congress was required by law to be treated like any other citizen who lost the individual market insurance they liked.” read more

Why is the Freedom Caucus Enemy Number 1

from IBD: 

For a week now, the conservative House Freedom Caucus has been taking hits for derailing the Republican effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare. But why are moderate/liberal Republicans who refused to support the bill getting a free pass?

The Freedom Caucus was the most vociferous in its opposition to the American Health Care Act — or at least its criticisms of the bill attracted the most attention.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page blamed the group, calling it the “Freedom-From-Reality Caucus.” CNN reported that “its members … are Public Enemy No. 1 on Capitol Hill.”

President Trump went so far as to tweet that “The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!” read more

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Christian Student Apparently Suspended for Being Christian

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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Christians are among the most, if not the most persecuted peoples on the planet. One might argue that no – it’s the Jews. It may be a one and one-A type of thing, but as there are many more Christians, I think the title of most persecuted should go to us.

We hear horror stories of Christians being exterminated in the Middle East – and Europe, as it transforms into Euro-Islam, is becoming increasing hostile to Christians.

Here in the land of the free and home of the brave, intolerance of Christians and Christian beliefs is a relatively new phenomenon. But as the American left becomes more radically secular, they have little patience or tolerance for Christian beliefs with all our “God” rules.

Another odd thing has happened over the last several years – one I wrote about in World Net Daily just a few weeks ago. The title of that piece was “The clueless left’s alignment with radical Islam.” You may review it here.

Radical Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood have chosen radical leftist groups to unwitting become useful idiots for the Brotherhood’s Civilization Jihad.

So when I read that a student at Rollins College in Orlando Florida was suspended due to a complaint by his Muslim professor, my radar naturally went up. Could this be another case of Christian persecution, or a Christian gone wild? read more

Weapon Wednesday – Navy Rail Gun

The US Navy is testing an electromagnetic gun that can fire projectiles at six times the speed of sound.

Described as ‘Star Wars technology’ by researchers, these powerful missiles don’t rely on chemical propellants and are fuelled by electricity alone.

Strong magnetic fields are created by electricity on the ship and a ‘pulse power system’ to sent propellants flying at 4,500mph.

The technology has previously been shown to penetrate concrete at 100 miles away.

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The US Navy is testing an electromagnetic gun that can fire projectiles at six times the speed of sound 
The US Navy are testing an electromagnetic gun that can fire ammo at 4,500 mph

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Joke of the Day

An art connoisseur passed a little grocery store in New York when he
noticed a kitten on the front step lapping up some milk in a bowl. The
cat was mangy with one ear half chewed off and clumps of fur missing.

What really caught the collectors eye was the bowl the kitten was
drinking from. It was a rare antique worth thousands. He walks in the
store and offers $20 for the cat.

“He’s not for sale,” says the store owner.

“That’s ridiculous!” says the collector. read more