Well UAW – You didn’t actually think the Biden Admin. would Fight for you? Did You?

by: Brent Smith

Well, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. And I’ll bet you dollars to donuts (h/t: Marine Maj. Gen. Ronald Nelson- and my old wrestling coach) this won’t be the last organization to likely regret their decision.

But we said before the election, that you deserve who you vote for.  And the UAW got who they voted for.

But this is hardly a surprise. Democrats routinely do this to their constituents. They either make them promises like, “vote for us and you’ll all get a $2000 check,” or, vote for Biden and no one making under $400k will get a tax increase. Or they just stay quiet and allow the voters to assume the dems will look out for the folks. read more

Metl Tires are Coming

The Smart Tire Company's Metl tires are the first consumer application of NASA's airless shape memory ally tire technology
The Smart Tire Company’s Metl tires are the first consumer application of NASA’s airless shape memory ally tire technology
Smart Tire Company

An advanced tire technology developed by NASA for use on planetary rovers could be coming to a bike lane near you, with startup the Smart Tire Company leveraging the technology to introduce an airless alloy tire to the world of cycling. With the elasticity of rubber and the strength of titanium, these Metl tires promise a number of practical benefits, and mightn’t be limited to just bicycles for long. read more

The Fraud has been Found – It’s the Washington Post

by: Brent Smith:

Someone, or gang of someones, needs to be punished for this. But the press is protected by the First Amendment. At least that is what the howling radicals at places like the ACLU would likely exclaim.

However, this isn’t a simple misquote, typo, or journalistic faux-pas. This was a fabrication from word go. This was a demonstrable and now admitted lie. This was and is slander – pure and simple – done only to drag Trump into the mud where the Post resides.

And all those other leftist outlets who claimed they verified the Post’s claim should also be held accountable. In fact, if you look back you’ll find they all pretty much took turns quoting one another as proof of verification.

read more

Weapon Wednesday – The Storm Armored MPV

The Storm, by the Ukraine's Highland Systems, is a high-speed, amphibious multi-purpose military vehicle with a long-range hybrid powertrain
The Storm, by the Ukraine’s Highland Systems, is a high-speed, amphibious multi-purpose military vehicle with a long-range hybrid powertrain

Highland Systems read more

When Will We Learn – Never Apologize to the Left

by: Brent Smith

As human beings, most of us go out of our way not to offend one another.

And if we mistakenly do so, more often than not, we apologize. Maybe the other party simply mistook what was expressed. Maybe we didn’t express or explain our point properly. It could be any number of things.

But when it’s said and done, it’s over – what under the bridge. This is part and parcel of human interaction. We say or do something stupid or impulsive, we apologize – all is forgiven and life goes on. read more

Unlocking the World’s First Computer

Exploded model of the Cosmos gearing of the Antikythera Mechanism
Exploded model of the Cosmos gearing of the Antikythera Mechanism
©2020 Tony Freeth

A team of scientists at the University College London has shed new light on the Antikythera Mechanism – the world’s first computer and one of the ancient world’s greatest technological mysteries. Using new imaging data, the multidisciplinary UCL Antikythera Research Team found that the 2,000-year-old device was not only a calculator, but an accurate model of the Cosmos as it was known to the ancient Greeks. read more

Is America Still the Best Mankind has to Offer?

by: Brent Smith

Is America still the place of our founder’s vision? Is it still the home of the ideals of freedom, liberty, and God-given inalienable rights?

And in case anyone needs a refresher on what inalienable rights mean; they are rights which are incapable of being denied or taken away. Nor can they be even temporarily rescinded or abridged – you know – for our safety and security.

I’ve been pondering this question for a little while now, but only tangentially. I haven’t really delved into it until recently hearing Steve Deace of the Blaze mention it.

Many of us, for probably most or all of our adult lives, have exclaimed how much we love America, and how proud we are to be American. Count me as one of them. I’ve been as patriotic as any.

But recently I’ve begun to question my resolve, my continued insistence of just how proud I am. read more