Bloomberg’s Government Lawyers

This is almost too incredible to believe! But today, it’s becoming difficult to discount anything, regardless of how unbelievable it may seem.

from Fox News:

Bloomberg’s cash financing ‘overtly political’ agendas in state AG offices, West Virginia’s Morrisey claims

Billionaire Democrat Michael Bloomberg has bankrolled a network of climate-change lawyers who are operating out of the offices of attorneys general in liberal states, West Virginia state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey claimed Tuesday, calling the Bloomberg setup “absolutely outrageous.”

“[W]hat you are doing is, you’re outsourcing who is running the government to people who are not accountable to the voters,” Morrisey said during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.” “It’s unacceptable on so many levels.” read more

Weapon Wednesday – Navy Missiles Hits Moving Targets

The Excalibur S uses GPS and lasers to hit moving targets
The Excalibur S uses GPS and lasers to hit moving targets

Raytheon and the US Navy have successfully fired a precision-guided munition that can be fired from a howitzer and zero in on a moving object. The recent test of the Excalibur S round not only demonstrated its ability to switch from GPS to laser guidance to find its target, but also that its electronics and sensors can withstand the shock of being fired out of a gun. read more

A Figure of Speech Escapes AOC

by: Brent Smith

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A few days ago Rob Smith wrote an article for Human Events about his recent testimony (early February) on Capital Hill, as a guest of representatives Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan. Rob is a United States Army veteran, Turning Point USA contributor, and political analyst.

In other words, he’s fairly accomplished for a guy that looks like he’s 20-nothing. Oh, and did I mention he’s a black conservative? (That’s an Uncle Tom for you leftists).

I shouldn’t need to mention what shade he is, but I did – just in case any leftist, identity politicians are reading this. Because as we know, leftists are all and only about skin color and gender.

Anywho, Rob was telling the distinguished House members (almost choked on those words) about his life story thus far – how he pulled himself up by his “bootstraps” instead of wallowing in self pity and remaining on government assistance. read more

Dutch Craft Convertible Boat

The DC25's bow door makes it easier to walk right onto shore
The DC25’s bow door makes it easier to walk right onto shore

The 26-foot (8-m) DC25 yacht tender from DutchCraft is designed to do a little of everything the modern day captain and sportsman might need from a center console boat. Using simple deck-mounted rails, the boat easily transforms from a breezy pleasure craft, to a sporty dive or fishing boat, to a capable superyacht tender, to an empty toy carrier. An all-electric stern drive ensures it navigates the waters with the utmost silence, leaving no emissions in its wake. read more

A Win for the Good Guys in Virginia

There was a vote to ban “assault” weapons, and other gun-related items in the blue commonwealth of Virginia. And the news is nothing short of miraculous.

With all the anti-gun rhetoric coming out of Virginia lately, one would believe that the commonwealth who brought us George Washington, James Madison and George Mason had gone completely off the constitutional rails.

But instead of passing a sweeping weapons ban, cooler heads prevailed and tabled the vote until 2021. It wasn’t a vote in favor of the Second Amendment entirely, but it is progress.

I ask that at the end of the article, you watch the video. It’s quite instructive. And it ends well!!

from the Blaze:

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam suffers embarrassing loss as assault weapons ban is rejected in Virginia

A huge win for the Second Amendment

Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s all-in push to ban the sale of assault weapons was rejected in the state’s Senate after moderate Democrats joined Republican colleagues to sink the initiative Monday. read more

SEM Dual-Drive Moto Bike

Italian company SEM is looking for ways to bring its 4-kW, dual-drive Moto Bike to the United States
Italian company SEM is looking for ways to bring its 4-kW, dual-drive Moto Bike to the United States
SEM Mechanical Prototypes

This mud-flinging off-road monster is a prototype by an Italian company, SEM, that’s looking to do some business in the USA. With its massive grunt and interesting double drive system, it would be an absolute brute on the trails.

Named the “Moto-Bike” – and it might as well be a small dirtbike – this thing uses a strong aluminum e-mtb frame with an integrated 4-kW motor and a big ol’ 52-V, 17.5-Ah battery capable of storing around 910 watt-hours of energy. read more