What is a Gauswheel?

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The Gauswheel Spirit certainly won't be mistaken for anything else

The Gauswheel Spirit certainly won’t be mistaken for anything else (Credit: Ben Coxworth/


At first glance, it’s certainly possible to think that the Hungarian-made Gauswheel Spirit is sort of a low-rider unicycle, or that it has a motor. In fact, though, it’s an inline two-wheeler that’s entirely human-powered. It’s also a unique alternative to a skateboard, scooter or roller blades (or perhaps a combination of all three), that’ll definitely get you noticed. We recently had a chance to try it out for ourselves.

The Spirit has a sturdy ABS body with a 20-inch bicycle-style wheel in the back, and a swiveling 6-inch polyurethane roller blade-like wheel in front. There are grip tape-covered foot platforms to either side of the main wheel, and a carrying handle above it. On some higher models, a hydraulic disc brake can be activated via a lever in that handle. The base model Spirit Stage 1+ that we received, however, was brakeless.

Users start out with their right foot on its platform, bracing the inside of their calf against a high-density foam pad on that side of the Gauswheel. As would be the case with a skateboard or scooter, they then kick along with their left foot, bringing that foot up onto its platform once they’ve gained sufficient momentum. From there, it’s a matter of maintaining one’s balance while swooping and carving along the pavement.

In order to give the Spirit a fighting chance in this review, we recruited an experienced local 12 year-old skateboarder by the name of Robin to try it out.

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