Waveless Surfing

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The Radinn G2X lets you surf without waves
The Radinn G2X lets you surf without waves(Credit: Radinn)

Shooting across the surface of the water atop a board no longer requires nature to provide propulsion in the form of waves. Swedish manufacturer Radinn has launched a faster, cheaper and longer lasting version of its electric jetboard, a watersports machine that effectively lets you surf without waves at up to 36 mph (58 km/h).

It’s been three and a half years since we first saw the Radinn electric wakeboard prototype. With its wireless hand control, it reminded us of an electric skateboard for the water, but at €15,000 (US$18,640) it was a big ask for a solo toy – doubly so considering that’s more than the cost of three small jet skis.

Now, the G2X is here, and it addresses the problem … somewhat. Radinn has managed to cut the price by a third, down to €9,900 (US$12,300) with the standard 2.8-kWh battery, which is good for about 25 minutes flat out at a top speed around 31 mph (50 km/h).

Radinn G2X: relatively thin, but still hefty at 40-odd kilograms

Also, the battery is now replaceable, meaning if you’ve got a spare €2,990 (US$3717) lying about, you can keep a spare and swap them over to maximize your time in the water.

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