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THE only Hurricane that fought in the Battle of Britain and is still flying today is up for sale for £2.5 million ($4 million) – more than 30 years after it was found as scrap in India.

The aircraft, which regularly takes part in flypasts, was restored by a vintage car buff who discovered the wreck by chance while seeking old Rolls-Royces.

But retired businessman Peter Vacher is now selling the 1940 Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 through an American dealer, fueling fears that it could be lost to Britain.

Sole survivor: The Hurricane R4118 (pictured) is thought to be the last plane from the Battle of Britain still flying


Hurricane R4118 flew 49 combat sorties during the worst days of the fighting and shot down five enemy aircraft.

Hurricanes, alongside Spitfires, were at the center of the country’s heroic defense of the skies in 1940 and had a crucial role until the end of the war, but the vast majority were then scrapped.

Mr Vacher, 72, said: ‘This Hurricane is a one-off. There is no other British plane like it from the Battle of Britain that is flying today. It was a labor of love to recover and restore it and I have enjoyed watching it fly for the past ten years.

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One comment on “Used Plane for Sale

  1. It would be nice to have the names of the men who flu in the aircraft and where she flew out of and the men who made her run. History is always enshrined in the equipment used but it is the spirit of the men who made them live and pored their blood on the ground secured by these tools of war. The lessons must be taught lest we forget and repeat the mistakes of history. With school one of the most important parts of a child’s education why would we neglect our history so much. The priorities that have drifted from sometimes from one extreme to another must come from somewhere. Who decides who is right or wrong when social problems arise. America was guided by its moral standards that came from the family. Who gave the men who fought the wars and made our planes fly and went on when too tired to do so. Like this plane who was the tool we need to remember and restore the stories of the men who’s lives won the war. These lives are in total part of the story that must not be forgotten. It is great to restore and spend the money to have a toy to play with but we as citizens must guide our children and nation if we are to have a nation. I do hope this aircraft finds an owner who will enjoy and share its history as a most important part to share with mankind.

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