The Stunning Zion Natural Park Subway

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A stunningly beautiful canyon in Utah’s Zion  National Park has become so popular that park officials have instituted a  lottery for hikers who want to discover its untouched natural  beauty.

Down between two peaks called the North and  South Guardian Angels, the Subway’s low light is the perfect place for algae to  grow in vibrant and rich greens.

The park is issuing 80 permits a day to  hikers who want to visit the cylindrical slot canyon.


 The Subway is what the park calls a unique  slot canyon deep inside the Left Fork of North Creek


Demand for a glimpse at the canyon is  incredibly high because of its ridiculously impressive look


Though extremely popular the Subway appears on  no maps and must be found by experienced pathfinders
 Ice forms over a canyon stream bed at the  Subway


Inexperienced hikers are encouraged to  come with a friend who knows how to navigate nature as finding the path can be  difficult


 Hikers who wish to reach the Subway must  travel at least 9 miles, including rappelling

The lottery will only be done between peak  seasons between March and November when demand to journey to the gorgeous canyon  is at its highest.

Groups are limited to fewer than 12 people.

The subway itself is roughly a quarter mile  long, but finding your way to the canyon can be difficult.

 Once hikers reach the entrance they’ll be  treated to a quarter mile of rarely seen beauty


Because of the canyon’s low route, the  lighting filters gently down giving the algae a rich natural green


 Lottery tickets for the Subway will only be  given out between March and November when demand is at its peak

The hike is 9.5 miles round trip, and is more  difficult than a novice hiker should attempt on their own.

Hikers will face route finding, creeks that  need crossing, and boulders that must be scaled. ***

 Hikers must cross boulders, swim through deep  waters, and cross creeks to reach the natural wonder


 Sculpted slots and canyons can be found  throughout the park but none as spectacular as the Subway


 The canyon’s unique characteristics can  almost make one feel as if they’re walking through a painting

Because of the extensive obstacles, the park  encourages people who haven’t much experience  are encouraged to either  find an experienced hiker to go with or to make sure they have a detailed map  before they leave.

 Because heavy snow melts and spring runoff  sometimes forces the park to close the Subway to visitors


The park has restricted access to the canyon  to groups smaller than 12 people


The Subway
The Subway is carved between two peaks called the  North and South Guardian Angels

It’s even more difficult to reach The Subway  if you attempt to do it from the top down, as hikers will need to rappel on  route as well as swim through pools of cold water that will likely have debris.

But if the images that have come out are at  all accurate, the beautiful scenery is worth the hardship of reaching it.

Attribution: Daily Mail


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