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The Polarmond sleep system is designed as a warm, cozy shelter for one

The Polarmond sleep system is designed as a warm, cozy shelter for one (Credit: OutDoor Friedrichshafen)

A waterproof shelter, sleeping bag and sleeping pad are three of the most important pieces of kit you’ll need when bedding down in the great outdoors on a cold night. Usually those three things are purchased, packed and set up separately, but Swiss startup Polarmond has a different idea. Its All-In-One sleep system rolls all three components into one unit with the goal of delivering a warmer, more comfortable night of sleep in temperatures down to -22° F (-30° C).

The primary component of the All-In-One sleep system is what Polarmond calls the sleep shell. This unit blends the features and functions of a bivouac sack, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. When compared to the tight confines of a mummy bag, the design opens things up with a multi-layered inner chamber.

The chamber’s outer shell is built from a waterproof-breathable material that protects from wind and rain while allowing excess interior water vapor to escape. That shell fabric is lined with a layer of high-loft fleece insulation designed to keep warm air inside. A sleeping pad provides both insulation and cushioning underneath the occupant.

Inside the chamber, a sleep liner plays the role of blanket, providing soft, breathable next-to-skin warmth. That sleep liner channels perspiration away from the body, trapping it inside a moisture-lock barrier, where it can be released by shaking out the liner in the morning. Some inner moisture escapes out of the zipper-adjustable ventilation port that sits about neck level. That port also serves to regulate the temperature inside.

Traditional tents and bivy sacks provide basic weather protection, but rely on sleeping bags, blankets and sleeping pads for insulation. By creating a temperature-regulating chamber, Polarmond eliminates the need to use a separate sleeping bag. That provides a freer night of sleep, allowing you to roll around like you would at home.

Polarmond also says that the chamber offers space to store things like a smartphone and a drink without having them wedged into your body. By integrating the sleeping pad into the floor of the sleep cell, the company prevents any uncomfortable pad shifting. The pad and the blanket-like liner can also be removed from the sleep cell and used on their own.

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