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So you’re looking dapper in your snappy business suit as you head out into the afternoon sun to walk a few blocks to your next meeting, but by the time you arrive you’re a good deal less fresh than when you set off just moments before. Your expensive new super white cotton shirt is stuck to your back and something nasty is taking to the air around you. This is precisely the kind of scenario that the Apollo shirt from Ministry of Supply was designed to combat. The wrinkle-free dress shirt makes use of NASA technology to help regulate body temperature, while also neutralizing pit-pong and adapting to the movement of the wearer.

The company began when MIT student Gihan Amarasiriwardena was asked to design a better dress shirt by a friend in the latter half of 2010. He then joined forces with Kevin Rustagi to launch a limited line of shirts and undershirts. MBA students Aman Advani and Kit Hickey were subsequently brought onboard to upscale operations, and now the company is embarking on a new venture with the development of the Apollo dress shirt.

Central to the new shirt is a new knit synthetic blend which makes use of the same kind of phase change material technology that NASA uses for the regulation of body temperature in its space suits. According to Ministry of Supply, the blend pulls heat away from the body when it’s hot outside and is able to feed that stored heat back to the body when the wearer moves to a cooler environment, such as an air-conditioned office. The unique blend is also claimed to have moisture wicking properties to help keep the wearer nice and dry.

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