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One of the biggest styling changes is the new twin taillight design

One of the biggest styling changes is the new twin taillight design

At the Geneva Motor Show five years ago, Ferrari introduced its first production four-wheel drive ever, a four-seat shooting brake called the FF. This year, the model gets a refresh and a whole new identity. The FF has evolved into the new GTC4Lusso, an even fiercer, more focused 4WD Ferrari GT.

We’d like to say Ferrari realized that “FF” was a horribly dull name, but the new name is arguably worse, following the unfortunate trend of mashed consonants, vowels and numbers previously seen on the F12berlinetta and F12tdf. What’s worse is that the new model is inspired by a bunch of classic Ferraris with properly spaced names – the 330 GTC/330 GT and 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso – but Ferrari still smashes those elements into a hashtag-like model name, with the 4 indicating it has four seats.

If the “Lusso” name sounds more current than a car from the 60s should, it might be because of last year’s Touring Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso, which is unrelated to this car, save for inspirational ties to the 250 GT.

Though the GTC4Lusso wears a new name, it looks the part of a refreshed FF. Ferrari Design has worked within the same sheet as the FF rather than grabbing a clean one and sketching from scratch. The biggest change is the reworked rear fascia, which is more sharply creased and includes a twin taillight design. The lines along the flanks are more clearly defined, and the front fenders wear a new set of gills. The rear roof also dips a bit lower in back.

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