Snogo Ski Bike

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Snogo on the snow

Snogo on the snow (Credit: Snogo)

Over the years, numerous tinkerers and companies have tried to transfer the fun of bicycling to the snow. While the fatbike has gained some recent traction, literally and figuratively, other designers still feel that replacing tires with skis is the only way to go. We’ve seen this trend in BikeBoards, the Skki and now the Snogo. The new ski bike uses an articulated steering system and front suspension to connect the rider to the powder or hard pack below.

Ski bikes are a classic example of gear that looks super-fun on paper or in a YouTube video, but isn’t all that tempting in real life. In my 20 years of experience visiting ski resorts across the US Northeast and Rocky Mountains, I’ve found ski bikes to be only slightly more common than bartending polar bears. Such bikes look like fun, but because they’re heavier, equally or more expensive and way less widely available than skis or snowboards, they just aren’t that compelling. And I’d much rather take a tumble on skis than than on a heavy metal bike frame.

Salt Lake City’s Snogo believes it has the recipe to make ski biking more fun. Its bike immediately reveals itself as quite different from the typical seated, dual-ski bike. Its triple-ski design is meant to be ridden standing up, with no seat to rest your mass on.

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