Snap Shot Instant Print Camera

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The Polaroid Snap instant digital camera is expected to be available in black, white, red, and blueThe Polaroid Snap instant digital camera is expected to be available in black, white, red, and blue (Credit: Polaroid)

Back in the old days, the instant-sharing of photos typically followed the click of a button, whirring of gears, and quiet swish as excited hands waved Polaroid film about while images resolved. The advance of the digital age has certainly redefined how we preserve and share memories with friends and family; many cameras and smartphones make it easy to upload images online for all to see.

Polaroid’s newest camera, the Snap, revisits the company’s roots by combining instant prints with modern digital technology.

While storing and viewing digital photos may be practical, having an actual tangible print is fun and nostalgic. The Polaroid Snap instant digital camera, unveiled at IFA 2015 in Berlin, is designed to combine the best of both worlds in a pocket-sized form.

Now, we’ve seen this technology in action from some of Polaroid’s recent offerings. But unlike the Polaroid Socialmatic digital camera, the Snap looks sleeker with more of a standard style, nodding to Polaroid’s Color Spectrum camera. It almost seems like the company figured out how to integrate a 10 MP digital lens with interface into its Zip portable printer in order create the Snap.

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