Shape-Shifting BMW Concept

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The BMW Vision Next 100 concept looks forward to the features of tomorrow's autonomous car
The BMW Vision Next 100 concept looks forward to the features of tomorrow’s autonomous car (Credit: BMW Group).

BMW’s Vision Next 100 concept car might look like someone came to the tires and got a bit confused, but there is definite method to what seems like automotive madness. Developed as a celebration of the BMW Group’s centenary, the Vision Next 100 is the company’s attempt to take a long-term look at what the car of tomorrow might look like after autonomous drive technology has fundamentally changed automotive design.

The Vision Next 100 made its world debut at the BMW Group Centenary Event in the Munich Olympic Hall on March 7 to mark 100 years since the company first appeared on the commercial register. According to the designers, the idea behind the vehicle isn’t just to spur the imagination, but to create a car that anticipates a time when self-driving cars are a mature technology, city streets are more crowded, time is a premium commodity, and connectivity and interactive technology has been freed from the confines of the dashboard display.

The Vision also reflects the growing desire by consumers for bespoke products. In recent years, advances in technology have allowed people to order all sorts of personalized goods and many digital devices can learn from their owner’s behavior and adapt to accommodate it.

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