Sea Lion Chases Down Boat

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Nothing comes between a sea lion and their fish.

A group of tourists enjoying a lovely boat ride in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, got a rather delightful surprise when a sea lion began chasing down the boat, this as they were travelling 25mph in the Pacific Ocean.

Things got even crazier however when one of the skippers on the boat opened the back of the vessel, and the sea lion hopped on-board.

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The chase is on: A sea lion began following a boat going 25mph in Cab San Lucas, Mexico

Open the hatch: The skipper opened up the back of the boat after he noticed the lion keeping up with the boat

Welcome aboard: The lion then hopped on-board and joined the delighted tourists

It seems this was not a social call for the sea lion however, as he was instead after one of the large fishes on the boat.

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