Saran Wrap Sledding

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Utah native Stuart Edgington decided to have  some fun in the snow at Rock Canyon Park in Provo but without the use of a  snowboard or sled.

Instead, he wrapped himself up in saran wrap  and took a ride down the snowy slopes with the plastic protection helping him  slide all the way down.

He was able to convince his friends to don  the slimy outwear and join him in the adventure and posted a YouTube video of  the wintery sport on Friday. In total 1,400 square feet of the plastic wrap was  used for the exercise.

Scroll down  for video.

Away we go:

Utah native Stuart Edgington decided to have  some fun in the snow at Rock Canyon Park in Provo

Wrap it up:

After trying it out for himself, Stuart  wrapped up his friends to give it a go


It's a wrap:

Several brave souls decided to give it a  go

Get closer:

 A pair of snow revelers bundled up to take  the slopes together


‘We want to see how many random  things we  can gather up and take down a hill and see if we don’t die,’  Edgington said in  the introduction of the footage.

Though the viral  video primarily showed clips of people sledding wrapped in the clingy covering, there  were  also clips of people crowded onto a sofa that descended a snowy  hill and people  using various types of boogie boards as sleds.

Shots of the sledders were compiled in the  three minute video, set to the hip hop tune, Place  To Be by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (feat.  Eyes Lips Eyes).

‘Overall we had four injuries while making  this video. No one died so the video was a success!’ the  filmmaker announced on his YouTube page about the brave souls who participated  in the stunt.

The 23-year-old said that  ‘people were a little nervous at first,  but after seeing how much fun it was,  everyone was excited.’

‘I think the  thought of being in a potential  viral video helped convince them,’ he added. The video was uploaded early on  Friday and has already garnered over 3,000 views.

‘Overall I am very pleased with how it turned  out. It was a ton of fun to make, and I don’t get sick of watching it!’ he  added.

Let's get together:

 A group opted to try it as a  team


Along for the ride:

This man decided to wear a helmet as  he descended the slope


Lovely weather for a sled ride:

 Onlookers enjoyed the  show as the sledders took the plunge

Attribution: Mail Online

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