Qube Tents for Social Camping

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Qubes add a new dimension to camping
Qubes add a new dimension to camping (Credit: M2C Innovation)

The social campers over at M2C Innovation are back doing what they do: building modular tents that link up into full-blown campsite communities. The last time we checked in, they were focused on domes, but now they’ve moved on to Qubes. The new Qube tents are quick-setup blocks that offer enough height to stand up inside. Like Pods, these modular tents connect together with tunnels and create larger tent communities. They’re also more affordable than M2C’s original tents and are proving quite popular on crowdfunding.

M2C explains on its website that the main driver behind creating an all-new tent was feedback from consumers. A lot of people liked the idea of modular, interconnectable tents but didn’t like the Pod tent pricing, which starts at US$625 for the four-person model, as listed today. The Pod was created purely as a larger, more premium offering, so in attempting to bring price down, M2C created a whole new design, aiming the lower pricing and quick, simple set-up at a broader customer base.

M2C advertises a set-up time of under two minutes, and its video shows an integrated fiberglass-pole structure basically unfolding and erecting into place. The clip we watched is sped up, though, so it’s hard to tell exactly how quick and easy set-up would be for a neophyte – we’d have to actually try it to know for sure. The company also says the design packs down easily, unlike a lot of other tents, which can require some technique to roll, pack and stuff back into the carry bag.

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