Now That’s a Tiny House

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The Taku-Tanku is a tiny house made from two water tanksThe Taku-Tanku is a tiny house made from two water tanks

The tiny house movement is as much about lifestyle as it is size of dwelling. Simplicity and efficiency are key characteristics of such a house. Not only is Stereotank’s Taku-Tanku very small, it has few components, can be easily assembled, and even towed by a bicycle.

Gizmag has featured a number of other portable tiny houses. The Leaf House, for example, is small enough to tow with a car but can still accommodate a family of four, whilst the Salsa Box is smaller, but squeezes a huge amount into 9 sq m (96 sq ft). The Taku-Tanku is similar in size to the Salsa Box, but is much less palatial.

The design, created by Stereotank in collaboration with Takahiro Fukuda, was created for the Little House Competition in Saitama, Japan, earlier this year. It is made primarily of two 3,000 l (670 gal) water tanks that are connected by a ring of wood. In addition to joining the two tanks, the wooden ring also incorporates an entrance and a skylight.

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