New Emojis are on the Way

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Just months after the Unicode Consortium released its latest range of emoji, Apple has added a number of these symbols to its emoji keyboard.

Developers with early access to the files of Apple’s iOS 9.1 have spotted more than a dozen new additions including a wedge of cheese, a unicorn, taco, a champagne bottle, a weightlifter and a mosque.

Apple’s iOS 9 will be rolled out to all devices on 16 September and iOS 9.1 could be released as soon as the end of the year.    

Developers with early access to the files of Apple's iOS 9.1 have spotted more than a dozen new additions to the emoji keyboard including a wedge of cheese, a taco, a burrito, chili pepper, new faces, a spider, crab, scorpion, and squirrel as well as a robot, unicorn, lion and turkey

The new emoji were released in June as part of Unicode Standard Version 8.0.0.

A total of 37 symbols were released for use on a variety of platforms in addition to five emoji modifiers that changed the skin tone of the human emoji.

The method of adding new emoji isn’t entirely simple.

They must first be approved by an organisation called the Unicode Consortium in California responsible for developing Unicode.

The consortium selects candidates from popular or topical requests and candidates are also picked if there are existing gaps in current emoji – for example, Unicode 7.0 had a tiger, but not a lion.

Once the emoji are made available by the consortium, companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft must then integrate them into their own systems.

Other new emoji spotted on the iOS 9.1 keyboard including a spider, chili pepper, a squirrel, turkey, scorpion and a hand with the middle finger extended.

On the activity tab, a golfer taking a swing, a cricket bat and ball, a volleyball, bow and arrow, and a hockey stick have been added.

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