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Vending Machine

Parisians seized with a sudden hunger for red meat can now buy steaks or sausages at any time of day or night from the capital’s first automatic raw meat vending machine.

It was installed this week outside a butcher’s shop in the fashionable 11th arrondissement, where most of the November attacks took place.

“The vending machine offers a selection of our products which we prepare and vacuum-pack ourselves,” said Florence Pouzol, owner of the Basque boucherie, L’Ami Txulette. “We wanted to give our customers an additional service when the shop is closed.”

A 250-gram faux-filet of beef costs €8.50 (£6.50), while two pork chops are priced at €5 (£3.85). The machine, which accepts cash or credit cards, also stocks beef carpaccio, Bayonne ham from the Basque country, chicken and eggs.

The introduction of the meat dispenser is in line with a trend to make fresh produce available 24 hours a day, despite strict laws governing Sunday opening and the reluctance of many shops to open seven days a week.

Paris got its first 24-hour baguette vending machine in 2011 when a baker installed one next to his boulangerie. Since then, hundreds more have been installed across the country.

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