Massive Wave Ride

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Daredevil surfers are flocking to the coast of Portugal to ride giant waves up to 100-foot high.

Incredible photos show the thrill-seekers riding the huge swells off the coast of Nazare, a fishing town north of Lisbon.

A 125-mile long underwater canyon – which is up to three miles deep – combines with strong Atlantic currents to create the enormous waves.

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A deep underwater canyon and strong currents sweeping in from the Atlantic Ocean create huge, 100-metre waves off the coast of Nazare, Portugal at this time of year

Pictures taken by photographer Rui Boino show surfers dwarfed by the huge wages, which crash around them as they try to stay on their surfboards

Extreme surfers are flocking to the coastline to ride the massive swells, which also attract spectators who marvel at the incredible natural forces on display

London-based photographer Rui Boino captured images of brave surfers attempting to conquer the huge swells.

The 38-year-old said: ‘I always try to capture the unique expression, emotions and reactions from the subject. I loved photographing Nazare, despite the loud crashing of the waves, I find it so relaxing. You need to be there to see and feel the power.’

In the peak summer months, the beaches of Nazare attract thousands of sun-seekers, but the scene transforms in the autumn and winter, as the Atlantic winds pick up, causing the waves to grow in size and power.

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