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The DRC (Desktop Record Cutter) puts vinyl record making in the hands of home musicians

The DRC (Desktop Record Cutter) puts vinyl record making in the hands of home musicians

A sound engineer and inventor based in Melbourne, Australia, is hoping to put a new spin on an old technology with his Desktop Record Cutter (DRC). The turntable-on-steroids looking device allows home musicians to press their music onto wax within minutes with turn-key stereo cutting technology. While the machine is fully automated for ease of use by the technophobe, engineers and tinkerers can customize their DRC with upgrades and modifications.

According to Paul Tayar, inventor of the DRC and head of the company behind it, Machina Pro, none of the audio path on the DRC is digital. “The DRC is basically a robot controlling an all-analog cutting path,” he says. This “robot” automates all required controls into a two or three button start he’s dubbed “auto-pilot.” Once enabled, all that’s required of the user is to feed audio in from a computer, or possibly a tape machine, and lay down a blank vinyl disc to record it on. The machine will then cut the music in real time, so one minute of music will take one minute to cut.

Some of the DRC’s features include an integrated load cell to measure cutting pressure, allowing users to dial in different depths for cutting in various mediums. A vacuum chip sucker is built in, as well as an adjustable mount for a digital microscope. High-torque motors on the turntable will allow for precise digital control, while the DRC will ship in a water-, impact- and dust-resistant Pelican Storm case.

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