Just how Observant are You

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Interesting test of our powers of observation – or lack thereof!


Please do not glance at the end until you have looked at the three photos!

Pay close attention to each. Colgate has created a very ingenious advertising campaign to promote their dental floss.

But…. Before I explain to you the main detail of these images, I will let you observe these photos quietly on your own.

All right………. Now that you’ve had time to quietly

Observe each of the three images…..

* In the first photograph, you might have noticed that

The woman has six fingers on her left hand?

* In the second photograph, a phantom arm is floating

Behind the man,

* and in the third photograph, the man has only one ear.

The campaign attained its purpose. It proved that food

Debris on your teeth will draw more attention than any

Physical defect does!!

How well did you do??

You failed the whole thing?

Ha! So did I!

So now you know that no matter what physical “defect”

You might have and feel self-conscious about……

Just stick a chunk of spinach between

Your front teeth and no one will notice

Anything else about you.

Attribution: Richard

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