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A man comes into work one Monday morning with a black eye.

His co-workers pester him about it until finally he says it happened in
church. “I was sitting right behind this rather hefty lady. We stood up
to sing a hymn and her dress was all bunched up in the crack of her
butt. It looked just awful, so I discreetly reached up and gently tugged
it out. She turned around and hit me.”

The next Monday, he comes in and the other eye is blackened.

Of course his co-workers press him for details. He says it happened in
church again. “I was sitting behind that same lady. We stood for a hymn
and once again her dress was bunched up in her butt. Before I could stop
him, the man next to me reached over and pulled it out. I knew she
didn’t like that, so I quickly tucked it back in!”

Attribution: Fred

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