Joke of the Day

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A middle aged man buys himself an open top sports car and having just picked it up from the showroom decides to take it for a drive.
Enjoying the wind in his hair as he takes another bend just kissing the apex he spies in the rear view mirror a policeman on a motorbike.
Immediately he puts his foot on the gas and is soon approaching 100 miles an hour, then he comes to his senses and pulls over.

As the policeman approaches the man starts to apologies when the officer says…

“Look its 5:15PM on a sunny Friday afternoon and my shift ends in a few minutes if you can give me an excuse I have not heard before I will let you go.”

He replies “Officer my wife left me for a policeman 6 years ago and when I saw you in my mirror I thought you were trying to bring her back to me.”

With this the officer closed his ticket book and waved the man on.

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