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An Australian tour guide was showing a group of American tourists the
Top End.

On their way to Kakadu, he was describing the amazing abilities of the
Australian Aborigines to track man or beast over land, through the air
and under the sea.

The Americans were incredulous.

Later in the day, as the group rounded a bend on the highway, they
discovered, lying in the middle of the road, an Aborigine. He had one
ear pressed to the white line, whilst his left leg was held high in the air!

The bus stopped and the guide and the tourists gathered around the
prostrate Aborigine.

“Hey Jacky,” said the tour guide, “what are you tracking and what are
you listening for?”

The aborigine replied, “Down da road, about 25 miles is a 1971 Valiant
Ute. It’s a red one. Da left front tire is bald. Da front end is out of
whack and him got bloody dents in every panel. Dere are nine abos in the
back, all drinking warm sherry. Dere are three kangaroos on da roof rack
and four dogs on da front seat.”

The American tourists moved forward, astounded by this precise and
detailed knowledge.

“Good Lord man, how do you know all that?” asked one tourist.

The Aborigine replied, “I fell out of da bloody ding about half an hour

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