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There was an evangelist who went from town to town and preached from a tent. In one particular town he was preaching and asked anyone with any physical problem to come forward.

With that, two men came forward, one was walking with crutches and the other appeared to be okay. The preacher asked what could he do for them. The first one, George spoke and said, “I would like to walk unassisted.”

The second one, Harry said, “HiI have ha hlisp hwhen hi hspeak.”

With that, the preacher told George to go behind the curtain and Harry was to stand in front of the curtain. Then the preacher screamed out in an awful scream and said, “George throw away those crutches and Harry, speak in your loudest and clearest voice.”

Then an almighty crash was heard and Harry yelled out, “Hgeorge hfell hdown!”

Attribution: Fred

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