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So Noah is waiting by his ark. Waiting for all the animals that God has promised will squeeze into the boat that he’s built.

And then he sees them. Great numbers of beasts all converging on where he’s standing. So he lowers the gang-plank and watches as the animals start filing on board, two-by-two.

And as they go into the ship, Noah can be heard passing comments on each animal that goes by – “Hmmm … two horses,” he says, “they don’t taste very nice, but they’re edible,” and “Ooh! Two sheep. I love roast lamb”.

And so it goes on, for each pair of animals, Noah counts going on board, he says something about what they’re like to eat.

Eventually Noah’s son can stand it no longer and he goes to his mother to ask why.

She answers, “Well, there’s Noah counting for taste.”

Attribution: Fred

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