Jobs for the Disabled

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

I don’t often listen to Sean Hannity, but a couple of days ago, for whatever reason I did.

He brought up a fascinating topic. He spoke of the rich Manhattan liberals who go to Disney World for vacation. No, that’s not the fascinating part.

Now anyone who has been to Disney knows of the interminably long lines at every ride and attraction.

These rich 1 percenters have evidently found a way around this problem. According to a report by Tara Palmeri of the New York Post, the rich Manhattanites found a “Black Market Disney guide” service. The service charges $130 an hour, or $1040 for an eight-hour day.

Okay, that’s pretty pricey. What does one get for that?

The $130 an hour will get you and up to five other family members to the front of any and every line. If one has the resources, that’s a great deal.

This achievement is virtually guaranteed through the services of the handicapped.

The family hires a handicapped person through a covert service to be a member of the family for an hour or several and voilà, front of the line.

Palmeri quoted one proud mother: “My daughter waited 1 min. to get on ‘It’s a Small World ’ – the other kids had to wait 2 1/2 hours.”

The disabled “family member” was hired through Dream Tours, Florida.

She added: “This is how the 1% does Disney”

The family, mom, dad, a one-year-old son and five-year-old daughter were ushered through the entire park on a motorized scooter sporting a handicapped sign.

Disney does offer a VIP package, a fast pass, but it can run between $310-$380 an hour.

Now the knee-jerk reaction is outrage and horror. I get that but this is the free market at work. You see a need and fill it.

On the surface it just seems so wrong, so exploitive. But let’s look at this from a practical standpoint. Unless these disabled people are indentured servants, which I’m sure they are not, they are being paid for their service.

And what service are they “forced” to perform? They accompany a rich family on vacation in the world’s most popular theme park. Man, what a crappy job.

Now consider the unemployment rate of the disabled. The published unemployment rate of the disabled is around 13%. So, I guarantee it’s much higher, and certainly a great deal more than that of the “abled”.

So I ask you? If you are disabled and unemployed and someone offers to pay you to accompany a family to a theme park or the mall or wherever the disabled are afforded an advantage, what do you do?

Do you reject the offer because you would be “exploited”? Oh, they’re taking advantage of the poor disabled person.

No, you take it. A job is a job. You are in fact providing a service someone is willing to pay for. No laws are being broken. I say the heck with the people who fail to really consider the situation. Would they rather have the disabled person unemployed, on welfare and food stamps, etc.?

Frankly, I think it’s genius.

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