iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6

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How does the new iPhone 6s (left) compare with the Samsung Galaxy S6?How does the new iPhone 6s (left) compare with the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Wondering how Apple’s new iPhone 6s compares to its biggest rival on the Android side of the fence, the Samsung Galaxy S6? Let’s take a look at how their features and specs match up.


The Galaxy S6 and its curved sibling, the Galaxy S6 edge, are both a little bigger than the new iPhone: the GS6 is 4 percent taller and 6 percent wider, while the GS6 edge is 3 percent taller and 4 percent wider.

The iPhone 6s is a bit thicker than last year’s iPhone 6. That has the 6s measuring 4 percent thicker than the Galaxy S6 and just a hair thicker than the S6 Edge. Just remember that, relatively speaking, all three are very thin phones.


The iPhone 6s also measures 4 percent heavier than the GS6 and 8 percent heavier than the Edge. Like with thickness, though, those are still pretty minor differences.

Build (back)

No chintzy builds here: you get a premium aluminum design on the iPhone and a premium Gorilla Glass 4 backing on the Galaxy S6 pair.

… and, just a heads’ up, for the categories where we show the Galaxy S6 without also showing the Edge, there aren’t any differences between Samsung’s two flagships.

Build (frame)

The unibody iPhone’s aluminum backing wraps around to its sides, while the Galaxy S6’s glass makes way for aluminum on its frame.

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