Hot Tub in a Hammock

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The HydroHammock serves as a portable hot tub for outdoor relaxation

The HydroHammock serves as a portable hot tub for outdoor relaxation

Two of the most relaxing contraptions on Earth just got together and had an odd but potentially awesome lovechild. The new HydroHammock delivers a hot tub in the air, suspending you, your favorite hot tub companion and several dozen gallons of heated water above the ground. We can think of few better ways to relax away a hard day of work or play in the backyard or beyond.

The HydroHammock may or may not be a pain to actually set up and use, but we have to admit that the thought of a go-anywhere hot tub that sways from the trees has us daydreaming. A lot. It seems like the two archetypes of outdoor r&r were destined to be together all along.

The HydroHammock is built from sealed, high-tensile fabric designed to hold a tub-full of water. The hammock can hold two people and up to 50 gallons (189 l) of water, but the company says that 20 gallons (76 l) is enough to give you a functional tub-in-the-trees. It straps to the trees or other supports by way of heavy-duty ratchet straps and carabiners, making for quick, hassle-free set-up – or at least that’s the way it goes in the promo video.

On its own, the HydroHammock is really more of a dangling cold tub. You can fill it with your garden hose and enjoy a cool down on a hot July afternoon. In fact, that’s exactly how designer Benjamin Frederick came up with the idea. In the process of designing an overbuilt, heavy-duty hammock, Frederick decided to try filling it with water to cool down on a hot day. It worked, and the blueprint for the HydroHammock was drafted.

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