Gear Hauling Trailer Transforms in a Boat

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The Tetra-POD lid locks into place and opens with the assistance of gas springsThe Tetra-POD lid locks into place and opens with the assistance of gas springs

At first look, the Tetra-POD is a large, capable ATV trailer that can haul gear, tools and debris as an open tub or an enclosed box. A closer inspection reveals that it’s also a boat. With a few simple steps, the lid swings down to join the trailer body in creating a hull that can be motored out onto the open water.

We’ve seen a few products with a land-water split personality, but nothing quite the same as the Tetra-POD. The American Dream Trailer we covered just last month coupled a camping trailer with a rooftop rowboat. The Sealander amphibious trailer was another camping trailer/boat hybrid, and the Boatbox was a cargo-hauling roof box that doubled as a watercraft. While similar to each of those in certain ways, the Tetro-POD has a design and utility all its own.

The Tetra-POD was developed by Alberta’s Predator Plastics and launched in late 2013. Predator recently licensed the design to Ontario-based Agri-Plastics, which added Tetra-POD to its family of companies. Agri-Plastics is now manufacturing the off-road ATV model and is in the process of launching a road-legal version with two wheels and a torsion axle in place of the four-wheel, walking-beam design.

Aimed at outdoor sportsmen and women and field workers, the Off Road Tetra-POD is designed to work as an ATV-towed utility tub trailer first and foremost. Its rugged, roto-molded plastic body offers 27 cu ft (765 L) of storage space and a 2,000-lb (907 kg) payload. It can be used with or without the removable, locking, gas-sprung lid and includes a dump function. The tub sits on a powder-coated frame and relies on a walking-beam axle to eat up rough, uneven terrain.

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