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Gizmag takes a quick look at our favorite physical control scheme for iOS devices, the GameviceGizmag takes a quick look at our favorite physical control scheme for iOS devices, the Gamevice (Credit: Will Shanklin/Gizmag)

The Gamevice is pretty much the ideal way to add physical controls to an iPad mini. Strapping it onto your tablet is less like using an accessory and more like transforming your iPad into an iOS-powered portable game console.

If you search somewhere like Amazon or Best Buy for iOS game controllers, almost everything you see will either be a sunflower-style controller that props your device up above, or a standalone gamepad that you hold separately from your phone or tablet. You’ll see a few that latch onto the sides of the device like the Gamevice, but they’re all pretty old and only compatible with obsolete (two years old at the most recent) Apple devices.

Gamevice strikes us as the best solution. When we use it, we almost forget that we’re using an iPad mini with an accessory strapped onto it. It’s a more unified look and feel, a bit like using a bigger, more powerful PS Vita.

The controls feel great in hand. A well-familiar console-style experience is here: two analog sticks, four action buttons, D-Pad, two analog triggers and two shoulder bumpers. You have a pause button (though not all MFi developers have used that) and another button to lock the iPad. And there’s even a little cut-out for easy access to the iPad’s Touch ID/home button.

Gamevice supports all versions of the iPad mini, but if you’re using either the original mini or the new iPad mini 4, you may notice a less-than perfect fit, where the two sides of the controller bend backwards just a hair, so they aren’t at a completely flush angle with the iPad. This is because the slot that the iPad slides into is a bit thicker than the minis 1 and 4, to accommodate the beefier iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3.

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