FUCI Concept Bike

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The fUCI concept bike – for speed freaks who don't necessarily race

Ever wonder why you don’t see things like recumbents in the Tour de France? Well, it’s because of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), which is the world governing body for bicycle racing. Among other things, the UCI places unwavering restrictions on the design of racing bikes.

While this is intended to keep some racers from having an unfair advantage, many people feel that it also holds back the evolution of bikes designed for non-racers.

That’s why Specialized’s Creative Director, Robert Egger, created the fUCI concept bike. It’s a speed bike designed without UCI restrictions in mind … and we’ll let you figure out what the F in its name stands for.

One of the fUCI’s most noticeable features is its big 33.3-inch rear wheel – different-sized front and rear wheels are a UCI no-no. It actually works as a flywheel, allowing the bike to maintain speed more easily. Getting that wheel moving in the first place, however, could take some effort. That’s why the fUCI has another feature that might cause the UCI folks to go into conniptions: a motor.

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