Close Shave With A Laser

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Okay – this may the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

The Skarp Razor uses a laser set at a specific wavelength to cut hair upon contactThe Skarp Razor uses a laser set at a specific wavelength to cut hair upon contact (Credit: Skarp Technologies)


Laser technology has come a long way over the decades, having made leaps from science fiction to science fact within the medical field, manufacturing, and even as a“death star” beam to help unlock the mysteries of the universe. But the latest laser-enabled concept is something the average consumer can more readily appreciate. The Skarp Razor may become the first-ever personal shaving tool powered by a laser.

The common means of hair-removal generally involves sharp steel blades, a layer of shaving cream, and water to rinse. Although this method has worked for generations, the team members behind the Skarp Razor believe it’s possible that the same can be done with lasers. They claim that the Skarp can provide close and smooth shaves without the scratches, cuts, burns, or skin irritation that hazard our traditional shaving routines.

Prototypes of the Skarp are constructed out of 6061 aluminum with the familiar look of shaving razors. But instead of an edge of steel, the Skarp uses a single fiber optic wielding a low-power, class 1 laser. Morgan Gustavsson, who is experienced in the field of medical and cosmetic lasers, states that his reasearch has led to the discovery of a chromophore in human hair that can be cut/broken when hit with a particular wavelength of light. The Skarp Razor is designed to target those specific molecules upon contact, safely removing the hair without a high-powered laser output or any lasting effects.

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