Chef Jamie Oliver’s New Land Rover

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Jamie Oliver and his family enjoy a one-of-a-kind creation
Jamie Oliver and his family enjoy a one-of-a-kind creation(Credit: Jaguar Land Rover)

When we think of Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations, we think extra-cushy leather interiors, upmarket trim and personalized paint jobs. We definitely don’t think of a rolling kitchen fit to prepare gourmet meals on the road. But that’s the mission celebrity chef Jamie Oliver laid out for the SVO team. Land Rover responded by building Oliver an extraordinary Discovery that slow-cooks under the hood, churns butter and makes ice cream in special wheel drums, slow-turns a rotisserie out front, makes toast in the center console and has numerous other culinary tricks up its sleeve. Forget the drive-through restaurant – this is the driving restaurant kitchen.

With the SEMA Show coming up in just a few weeks, we’ve been expecting to see some crazy, one-off vehicles, but we most certainly have not been expecting anything like this. Jamie Oliver’s delectable Discovery doesn’t have anything to do with SEMA as far as we know, but it is the type of wild, multipurpose creation that has the tendency to show up this time of year.

For those not familiar, Oliver is a British chef and TV personality, one in the legion of “celebrity chefs” cooking up fine food in restaurants and teaching TV viewers and book/magazine readers how to do the same at home. According to the good folks at Land Rover, he’s also a lifelong customer and fan of their work.

The build includes a standalone, folding charcoal/wood grill built from a jerry can with a Land...

The mutually beneficial team-up here gives Oliver a one-of-a-kind, all-terrain kitchen utility vehicle (or “KUV,” if you’d like) and helps Land Rover highlight the ingenuity going on inside its SVO division. Win/win.

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