Bulletproof Suit

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Built on the request of businessmen who often  find themselves in dangerous situations – no, really – a bespoke tailoring house  in Toronto today unveiled a hand-tailored three-piece ‘bulletproof’  suit.

Garrison Bespoke invited members of the media  to the Rod and Gun Club in Ontario to fire off a few rounds at a bust form  dressed in the navy pinstripe vest, matching two-button jacket and trousers that  they claim can stop a speeding bullet.

The outfit has been made with several sheets  of carbon nano-tubes – a state-of-the-art puncture-proof and bullet-resistant  material sourced through a company that provides anti-ballistic gear for the  U.S. Army Special Forces.

The patented material is thinner, more  flexible and 50 per cent stronger than Kevlar, the traditional material used for  bulletproof gear.

In an added bonus, the suit also protects  against stabbing, with the carbon nano-tubes created to harden on impact,  preventing a knife from penetrating through.

Bulletproof suit
Stealthy chic: A marksman opens fire at a bulletproof  suit created by Canadian label Garrison Bespoke at a gun range in Ontario today.  The suit, lined with ultra thin sheets of carbon nano-tube technology, starts at  $20,000


Bulletproof suit
Inspection: Media at a demonstration of the suit’s  capabilities were invited to both shoot at the three-piece outfit and see  whether the bullets penetrated


Bulletproof suit
Proof: A slug is revealed from caught between the  lining


Bulletproof suit
Everyday wear: The suit was created to look exactly like  any other well-tailored despite its special features


While Garrison Bespoke announced that all the  suits in their new line, called Town & Country, can be made bulletproof by  request, it doesn’t come cheap.

Prices start at $20,000.

But what price would you put on your life  and looking good?

‘After receiving requests from high-profile  clients who travel to dangerous places for work, we set out to develop a  lightweight, fashion-forward bulletproof suit as a more discreet and stylish  alternative to wearing a bulky vest underneath,’ Michael Nguyen, co-owner and  bespoke tailor of Garrison Bespoke told The Globe And Mail.

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