A Real Hoverboard

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The board is said to be limited to speeds on par with running
The board is said to be limited to speeds on par with running (Credit: Arca)

For decades now we’ve been teased with hoverboard concepts, either from science fiction or highly limited real-life versions, but now aerospace company Arca is taking orders for what it claims is the real deal. The ArcaBoard appears to be the closest thing to the technology from Back to the Future: Part II that we’ve seen so far.

Unlike the unicycle-skateboard combination that calls itself Hoverboard or the magnet-powered hoverboards created by Hendo and Lexus, ArcaBoard is said to actually hover and cruise up to a foot over any surface, be it concrete, sand or even water.

There’s reason to believe the ArcaBoard is for real, unlike the HUVr hoax from 2014 that Christopher Lloyd and Tony Hawk perpetrated on us. First off, Arca started as a Romanian NGO and was awarded contracts for work on stratospheric rockets and balloons by the Romanian government and the European Space Agency. Since then, the company participated in the Google Lunar X Prize, released high-end drones and has recently relocated to the US, where it announced the release of the ArcaBoard on Christmas Eve.

Besides the company’s track record, ArcaBoard is also believable because its specs aren’t exactly too good to be true.

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