A Chinese Smartphone

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The design is reminiscent of older iPhones

The design is reminiscent of older iPhones (Credit: OnePlus)


Chinese smartphone startup OnePlus has officially launched its third smartphone, a budget handset with much better than budget specs. Meet the cheaper alternative to the OnePlus 2, the OnePlus X.

Much like the Nexus 5X or Moto X Play, the OnePlus X is a smaller, slightly less powerful and less expensive version of its latest flagship sibling, which has been available since August for customers who’ve snagged an invite. But OnePlus spins it another way, describing the X as an opportunity to experiment with premium build materials like onyx black glass and a limited edition ceramic version.

Apart from pricing, the main differences between the X and the company’s latest flagship are in design, size and the camera. The standard version of the OnePlus X is somewhat reminiscent of the iPhones 4 and 4s: easier to hold and operate with a single hand, with glass back and metal frame with chamfered edges (though here the frame is aluminum; the iPhones 4/s had stainless steel frames).

There’s also the limited edition (and more expensive) “fire-baked ceramic” variant of the new phone, which still has aluminum sides but replaces the glass back with ceramic crafted from zirconia. The company says it’s only making 10,000 of the ceramic models.

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