You’ve Won A Bomb

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They’re the bane of everyone’s life. But beware the fate of one Colorado man who encountered perhaps the world’s worst telemarketer – when he phoned and threatened to blow up his house.

The unnamed man got the menacing call on Thursday evening at his home in the city of Greeley, in Weld County.

At first the caller told him he had won some money, to which he responded that he wasn’t interested and hung up the phone.

Extreme reaction: After the man hung up the telemarketer phoned him back and threatened to blow up his house

He thought that would be the end of it but the salesman called back almost immediately, this time turning nasty.

‘I’ve placed a bomb in your house,’ he told the man through a thick accent, leading him to believe the call might be coming from abroad.

The man hung up once more and made a call of his own, to the police, telling the operator about the alarming threat.

Police arrived and evacuated surrounding houses while they searched the man’s home for signs of explosives, taking them to a nearby fire station and town hall.

Officers scoured the property but found nothing, determining that the call had been a hoax.

Sgt Tim Schwartz of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office said they are trying to track down the mystery caller, adding that the bizarre threat was ‘completely out of the ordinary’.

The man was at his home in Greeley, Colorado, when he got the call‘I don’t know how to explain it,’ he said. ‘They’re just pretty pushy I guess.’

As evacuated residents returned to their homes one, Elaine Stanchfield, told the Denver Channel: ‘It was like Oh my God! A bomb threat.’

She said people are sick of getting harassed by persistent phone calls but that she couldn’t believe what had happened.

‘I personally think that telemarketers are a big pain because they constantly call you even when you ask them not to,’ she said.

‘But to go to those lengths to actually threaten someone is just ridiculous.’
Deputies fear it may be next to impossible to track down the telemarketer but if they do they will issue an arrest warrant.

If it turns out the call came from outside the U.S the FBI will be alerted.

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