WND Weekly Exclusive – How’s That Soda Tax Working Out?

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Oh Nanny Bloomberg. Just look what you started.

Recall when former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to tax and/or regulate everything that wasn’t nailed down – limiting salt, taxing and limiting the size of those evil “sugary” beverages?

Well, in an effort to raise more money, cash-strapped cities across the nation are taking a cue from the mayor and instituting their own sweetened-beverage taxes. That’s the only drawback of progressivism. There just is never enough money to achieve greatness. You always need a little more – and a little more – and so on.

In June of 2016, following Nanny Bloomberg’s lead, and taking $1.6 million of his money to promote the boondoggle, the city of Philadelphia overwhelmingly passed its own “soda tax.”

“I want to congratulate Philadelphia’s city council and courageous mayor, Jim Kenney, for standing up to the beverage industry and doing what’s right for the people of their city,” Bloomberg stated.

Standing up to the beverage industry? What did they do? Sell legal products to lots of people who choose to drink them of their own free will? Wow – that is courageous.

“Obesity and poverty are both intractable national problems,” he said. “No policy takes more direct aim at both than Philadelphia’s tax on sugary drinks. I was glad to support it. …”

May I ask a question? How can one be simultaneously obese and impoverished? Just asking. Take a look around the globe. There are no truly impoverished, obese people.

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  1. Fricking socialists and their do-gooder “social engineering”.

    I really really try not to wish physical ill on people but some creatures who appear as humanoids…they make it very difficult.

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