WND Exclusive – Your New Year’s Sexual-Identity Quiz

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from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

ThinkProgress is reporting: “CNN’s planning a 2020 LGBTQ forum. Here are some issues advocates say the candidates should address.”

“High on the list: Reversing the ban on transgender troops and addressing the plight of LGBTQ people of color.”

Well, isn’t that special. Let’s see if we can pigeon-hole everyone in America, so we all have our very own “gender” classification. That would be great.

But, if I were one who belonged to the “perpetually offended” club, I would feel … well, offended.

And just why would I feel this way? Well, thinking like a leftist, the term LGBTQ itself is too constraining. It leaves out so many new and (self) important gender classifications. And frankly, I’m surprised at the callousness of ThinkProgress and CNN for not acknowledging this.

I mean, everyone already knows what this acronym stands for. Lesbian: girls like girls – duh! Gay: It ain’t happy. It’s guys liking guys. Bisexual: people who are sexually active once every two weeks. Give me a difficult one, why don’t-cha? Transgender: dudes are chicks – chicks are dudes. And the “Q” is for Questioning, which I hope most of us are doing right about now.

So, that’s the LGBTQ acronym we are all familiar with. But there are literally several dozen more, which is why I was only half kidding about the whole “everyone has their own distinct gender” thing.

Now, it would take several columns to go through them all, and frankly I don’t have the interest. So here are just a few that are sadly left out of the established acronym. Some of these may be real eye-openers.

Pansexual: The attraction to kitchen cooking devices – for example, to fry things in, similar to pots. They were originally going to use the term potsexual, but thought it would be confused with those who are sexually attracted to marijuana.

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