WND Exclusive – Why is this ‘Unaborted Starlet’ so Depressed?

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Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain was one of Variety’s Power of Women honorees at the magazine’s luncheon last Friday, in support of her chosen cause, Planned Parenthood. She was also interviewed by Variety on a not-so wide range of topics. By that I mean it was just whining about how tough women have it – and oh – how scary President Trump is. In other words, the usual liberal pablum we’ve come to expect from spoiled overpaid Hollywood geniuses.

Variety: “It’s 2017, and we’re still talking about how Hollywood doesn’t treat women the same as men. Why is this still an issue?”

Chastain: “It’s depressing in terms of everything. It’s depressing in terms of women directors. But I think the problem is not just that. Yes, we need female filmmakers. … There’s a huge audience out there that wants stories about women. If you have a film that’s from a feminine point of view and 90 percent of the critics are men, that’s not diversity in that industry.”

Wow! I hope she’s seeing a therapist. She sounds really “depressed.” And here we go with the diversity crap. Diversity of what? Skin color, gender? That’s not diversity. What about diversity of thought? And I thought we were supposed to be “evolving” into a genderless society? So why the female-centrism? That’s right. We’re only all the same when it suits you liberals – when it advances your agenda.

Maybe you might have more women directors and filmmakers if your beloved Planned Parenthood didn’t kill them off at such a fevered pace. In 2016, it was reported that between 1978 and 2014, almost 7 million babies were aborted in America by Planned Parenthood alone. Figuring roughly half of the them were female, I wonder how many were snuffed out without ever having a chance to become women filmmakers, directors or critics? That’s about 3.5 million women, Ms. Chastain, or roughly equivalent to the entire population of Los Angeles, where most of you unaborted starlets live under the thumb of the man.

Now, as far as the “huge” audience that want more movies about women – where’s your proof of that? Virtually all the movies you are describing are chick-flicks. Women may say this is what they want to see, but the box office receipts rarely reinforce this myth. In fact, most of these by-women, for-women films may be “critical” successes, but bomb at the box office. Most in fact, lose money – which is why Hollywood makes the sexist box office smashes – to pay for your feminist crap.

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