WND Exclusive – Trump’s California Emissions Move Unconstitutional

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by Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

We’ve all heard by now that President Trump is proposing to take away “California’s power to set its own vehicle tailpipe emissions standards, escalating an environmental dispute that has trapped auto makers in the middle.”

This move by Trump is reported to be in conjunction with a rollback of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards.

To date, all of California emission standards restrictions eclipse those of the federal government.

If you are unfamiliar, Corporate Average Fuel Economy(CAFE) Standards are regulations, first enacted by the United States Congress in 1975, after the 1973–74 Arab oil embargo, to improve the average fuel economy of cars and light trucks (trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles) produced for sale in the United States.

It was sold as new “efficiency” standards that would reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It didn’t work out that way, but hey, at least we got more bureaucracy and government control out it.

In other words, it was a big-government, knee-jerk reaction that became a permanent “solution” to a temporary problem. The embargo problem subsided, oil production and delivery normalized after a while, but the mandates remain – forever – adding whole new bureaucratic agencies where none existed prior, mountains of additional paperwork and billions of dollars in cost.

However, by the time the national CAFE standards were enacted, California had already passed state laws covering a myriad of air pollution “concerns.”

So it was decided that as long California’s standards were at least as strict as the federal mandates, Congress would grant continuous waivers for California to further crack down on evil automakers and other polluters. And California has been doing this since the 1960s, long before CAFE standards even existed, and even before the passage of the original 1963 federal Clean Air Act.

In fact the federal government, in 1968, used California standards as the model for the first national vehicle emissions standards.

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