WND Exclusive – The left’s despicable use of emotion post-Vegas

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In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, it took only a matter of hours before the left sought to divide us, howling for gun control. But as we’ve seen many times before, they don’t care how it sounds or looks. They don’t care how caustic their rhetoric is. It’s all and only about advancing the agenda.

The overarching agenda of the progressive left, since its rise to prominence in the early 20th century, was/is to chip away at and eventually supplant the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence with their version of America. And they will seize any opportunity do so, regardless of how tasteless.

As we see demonstrated after every mass-shooting incident, the Second Amendment of the Constitution is an easy target for leftist progressives. Imbeciles from Hollywood and Washington, D.C., take to the airwaves to decry gun violence. They claim that if this or that was restricted, checked or outlawed, the tragic event could have been averted.

However, it must be a singular event to usher in the left’s call-to-action. They know they must whip people into an emotional frenzy to achieve their ends. If the public is given enough time to think with their heads instead of their hearts, the cause of these radicals is lost. It’s what is meant by “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

We on the right often cite Chicago as the poster child of failed gun-control policy. And we are proven right – every year. As of Oct. 2, 2017, at least 2,877 people have been shot in Chicago this year – of which 527 were homicides. And it was worse in 2016. The tally at this time last year was well over 3,200 shot and 567 homicides

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