WND Exclusive – The Latest Wacky School-Segregation ‘Solution’

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The stupidity of liberalism knows no bounds. We see it everywhere, from Obamacare to climate change to a myriad of foreign policy debacles. There are dozens, if not hundreds, to choose from.

Forced integration in schools is another of these dimwitted leftist feel-good notions. If people are segregating beyond the government’s liking, just declare it unjustly discriminatory and pass a law to change things. That will fix it. Usurping human nature always does.

For decades the federal government has attempted to usurp human nature’s desire to self-segregate – busing children to far off schools in the name of integration, because the government knows best. Yet, according to leftists, we still have a school segregation problem.

But fear not, for Thomas Scott-Railton, a recent Yale Law School graduate, may have found the answer, as reported by the Atlantic.

“He takes what are normally viewed as discrete issue areas – K-12 segregation, college admissions, and the lack of diversity at top universities – and says, what if those can all be addressed together?” His idea is to, “reduce K-12 segregation by reforming the college-admissions process.”

And how does he propose to do this? Simple – another mandated affirmative action program. His brilliant scheme is to force college admissions officers to “look favorably on students who attended an economically integrated school.” Translation: poor-performing schools.

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