WND Exclusive – The Latest Rich Environmentalist Hypocrite

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by: Brent Smith

The stories have been broadly publicized in conservative circles how environmentalists and global warming advocates like Al Gore practice the mantra of “do as I say, not as I do.”

In 2007, an email was widely circulated chronicling what a fraud Al Gore was. It was the same year his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” won an Oscar for best Scam of the Year, or something.

The email disclosed that his Nashville mansion ate fossil fuel like Joey Chestnut eats hot dogs. Multiple attempts by leftist “fact check” sites tried to refute the claims, but to no avail. All had to begrudging admit that the email was at least mostly true.

Other rich leftist tree-huggers preach the need to conserve and go without as they fly around the world in their private jets spewing vast amounts of planet-killing carbon.

Now another rich “environmentalist” has been bagged for not “walking the walk.”

Minnesota multi-millionaire Dean Phillips, and heir to a liquor fortune, claims to care about the environment. It’s surprising how many millionaire Democrat men and women of the people there are, looking out for the little guy. I’m just saying.

Phillips is also running for Congress where he hopes to defeat five-term incumbent Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen.

Phillips has criticized Paulsen for being a shill for the fossil fuel industry. “I care about the environment, and I’d like to see fewer cars burning fossil fuels,” he said at a May townhall with voters. “Anybody who argues that a carbon tax would kill jobs is simply, fundamentally misguided.” Yes, because it’s been well-established that tax increases always boost the economy. Right.

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