WND Exclusive – Stop Fracking! Do It for the Children!

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A major left-leaning website posted an article entitled, “New, Major Evidence That Fracking Harms Human Health,”claiming that a new study is proof positive Hydraulic Fracturing, known more commonly as fracking, harms our health.

Naturally, I perked up and read on, interested in what the latest scientific research has uncovered regarding the never-ending evils of fracking.

Another is Michael Greenstone, a 3M professor of Environmental Economics at MIT. Let’s see. An environmental economist working in academia. Surely he would never have an anti-fracking bias.

The third member of this “scientific” research team was Dr. Katherine Meckel. Finally, you may be thinking, as was I, a scientist or medical doctor as part of the scientific team. You and I would be wrong. Dr. Meckel is an assistant professor, whose research studies the design of public policies, including Medicaid and nutrition assistance.

In other words, there are no scientists or medical professionals working on this scientific study concerning health issues – just three entrenched academic/governmental hacks. That sounds about right.

The article begins with a dire warning regarding fracking: “Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, may pose a significant – but very local – harm to human health, a new study finds.” They claim that the closer families live to a fracking site, the lower the birth weight of their children, and that this “may” be caused by fracking.

Yes – it’s the famous “may.” Kind of like the equally famous “They,” as in “they say.”

May is a verb, or more precisely, an auxiliary verb, which is used to express possibility. It is not used to express likelihood or certainty. So when a left-wing website or a leftist researcher says something “may” happen, it is equally likely that it “may not,” which is why they use the verb “may.” You just have to be practiced in the art of reading liberal jargon.

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