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It seems that Saudi Arabia may be allying with the lesser Satan, Israel. America is, of course, the Great Satan.

For decades Saudi Arabia has been an unspoken bad seed, a major state-sponsor of terror and the genesis of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s been a toss-up as to who is really the No. 1 terror sponsor – the Iranian mullahs or the Saudi Wahhabists.

It’s been surmised by some experts that a major reason the Saudis fund and export terror is simple self-preservation. If we finance the radicals, they won’t turn on us. This is at least in part, as we may recall, why the kingdom funded al-Qaeda when bin Laden was the head cheese. They literally funded him on the stipulation that he would not return to Saudi Arabia. This has served to keep the nation relatively stable, even when those around them were under siege. The radical Islamists chose not to bite off the hand that was feeding them.

But now it seems that it is none other than the Saudis who are feeling threatened – threatened by the other major terror sponsor – Iran. Really, it was just a matter of time.

Two sayings that apply nicely to this situation are: Nature abhors a vacuum, or more specifically, a power vacuum. The other is: The enemy of my enemy is my ally.

The Persians (Iran) have wished to be top dog in the Middle East for many moons. They hadn’t made any major inroads until the Iraq War and “Arab Spring.” Since then they have done well to capitalize on the fall of Iraq and the death of Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi in Libya and the deposed Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Despite being despicable bags of dirt, these despots were a check against Iranian hegemony.

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