WND Exclusive – Our Friends the Saudis Insult the West

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Recall the nationwide outrage of American football fans and patriots alike when then San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down during a pre-game national anthem.

Every week thereafter he continued his antics, taking a knee, occasionally joined by other know-nothing wealthy black players throughout that season – and for what?

The backlash against Kaepernick was monumental and compounded his collapse as an NFL starting quarterback. So caustic is he that he is literally unable to find employment as even a third-string quarterback. It seems no one wants him.

He was roundly condemned by practically the entire country, save for leftist radicals, anarchists, communists and Black Lives Matter. I supposed that list was a bit redundant, as all are cut from the same red cloth.

Kaepernick explained that his protest was to show solidarity for oppressed blacks. OK – I guess that’s a reason. It’s a foolish, uninformed reason, but he thought he was supporting a cause, rather than just hating an entire nation, race, creed or religion. Leave that to Muslims.

Not all Muslims, but still, was that crack unnecessary and incendiary? Tell that to the players and fans of the Australia soccer team.

In a World Cup Qualifier match, the home team Australia was set to play the national team from Saudi Arabia, in a stadium in Adelaide, Australia. Since the match took place days after the London terror attack, the Aussies announced prior to the match that they would observe a minute of silence to honor the victims and responders. In particular they wished to honor two Australian women who were killed in London.

The players assembled in the center of the stadium – at least one team did. The Aussies stood in a line, arm in arm, as the announcer told everyone to rise. He reasserted the reason for the moment of silence.

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