WND Exclusive – Non-government experts advise ‘herd immunity’

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From Brent for World Net Daily:

The problem that we have in this country right now regarding the current virus outbreak is that the response is being controlled by politicians.

And by politicians, I don’t just mean our elected political class. I also mean our unelected political class. We’ve effectively put two people in charge of this entire event. Those two being Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

What they say goes, and all other “experts” in the field of virology seem to be discounted or ignored. Commentator Mark Levin recently said that Fauci is being treated like some sort of demi-god. And he’s right.

But Fauci hasn’t really been right about much regarding this pandemic.

Other experts in the field, like Dr. David Katz, founding director (1998-2019) of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, disagree on a number of assertions by Fauci and others.

Katz asserts that this can be accomplished in 72 hours. After the data are gathered on these representative samples, people could begin being phased back into the workforce.

But he also adds that this can already be done, without further sampling – just from the observed data we’ve already acquired, such as the risks to the elderly and the sick. The low-risk population should already be returning to work.

The problem is that Katz doesn’t have the national platform of Fauci and Birx, and they both are as much politicians as they are physicians or scientists. Fauci has been in government for 36 years, and Birx works as a diplomat for the “Deep State” Department.

Katz, on the other hand, has more medical and scientific degrees than Trump has tweets. We would do better to listen to someone like this. Oh, and he doesn’t work for the federal government.

Dr. Katz also disagrees with the advice to shelter in place and remain separated from others.

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