WND Exclusive – In Defense of History’s ‘Imperialistic’ Explorers

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We on the right – I mean the real right – have been insisting that the tearing down of statues and monuments from the Civil War era would not end there. The leftist radicals would inevitably turn their wrath beyond Civil War white racists and direct their hatred to any white American slave owner. As we’ve seen and heard, this naturally extends to whites of the Revolutionary era, who are simultaneously celebrated heroes and damnable slave owners.

And then we wondered – what’s next after that? Could there possibly be a next? Well, wonder no more.

Now, normally, when wacky ideas emanate from the left, they originate in Europe, leapfrog to California and then make their way across the U.S. to negatively affect the rest of us.

This time the lunacy began in America. The rest of the world never gave a thought to any statues of white oppressors from a bygone era, much less protesting or proposing to tear them down. They’ve been too busy worrying about the next refugee terror attack – until now.

Taking a cue from the American pro-communist movement, a black(ish) British journalist is demanding a statue of Lord Horatio Nelson be torn down because he was – what else – a white supremacist.

The Daily Mail reports that 36-year-old Afua Hirsch “achieved her five minutes of notoriety, space in the Guardian and a television debate, by proposing that Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square should be torn from its plinth among the pigeons because he was a white supremacist.”

The Daily Mail reporter writes that Ms. Hirsch is merely trying to advance her career by making a stink over the statue, which was unveiled on March, 22, 1813, to commemorate the anniversary of the British Royal Navy’s victory in the Battle of Cape Trafalgar in 1805.

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